Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!
Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!

Praktijk voor hypnotherapie

Karen Kramer-Medema

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sessieWithin hypnotherapy several different techniques are used. Several of them are descibed in these pages. This is not necessarily a complete list and often techniques are also combined.


means working with inner imagery. In a trance-state, similar to daydreaming, you can open yourself to inner images and experiences. These can help you to get a better understanding of yourself or help you to change feelings or behaviour.

Just as your mind makes use of inner images in your dreams to process your experiences of the day, in a visualization you can also make use of this kind of images.

Some visualizations are passive, where you can totally submerge yourself in the imagery I offer you, without the need to speak. Often I will use active visualization, in which you tell me during the process about the imagery you experience, so I can attune my words to your experiences and enhance your experience through this interaction.

Visualization techniques can be used, among other things, for enhancing concentration, relaxation, for pain-relief or to achieve behavioural changes (like quitting smoking or losing weight).
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