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Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!

Praktijk voor hypnotherapie

Karen Kramer-Medema

Henriëttedreef 12

3561 JV Utrecht




Karen Kramer-MedemaMy name is

Karen Kramer-Medema

. I graduated as a hypnotherapist at the SETH Academy for Eclectic Psychotherapy in Utrecht. After finishing this professional education I have continued to educate myself through diverse trainings and courses at several educational institutes. Several of these trainings were directed towards the treatment of psychotrauma (for instance through EMDR or regression and reincarnationtherapy). I have had my private practice in the North-East of the city of Utrecht ("Overvecht") since 1999.

Before I became a hypnotherapist I was trained as a dramatherapist at the Hogeschool van Utrecht in Amersfoort.

During my training and afterwards I have worked with both children and adults.

On request I will host

workshops, lectures or presentations

for groups. If you are interested, please contact me. Prices for this are open for negotiation and depending on the group. In many cases I will be happy with just a reimbursement of the travel expenses, so please feel free to be in touch. The focus could be on hypnotherapy in general, or on one of its specific uses. A workshop focusing on personal development making use of hypnotic techniques possibly combined with creative exercises is also a possibility.

Often students ask me for more information on hypnotherapy for school or study projects. In general I am open to making an appointment (either in person or by telephone) for this, as long as you make sure you have done your homework and providing it does not conflict with my appointments with clients. I will not answer lengthy questions or questionnaires by mail, however.

I am a member of the


, the Dutch professional society for hypnotherapy. Information about this society, their regulations and professional code can be found online on their website. I am also registered with the


(Register Professionals Complementary Care) and through them with the


(disciplinary committee). Through the NBVH I am registered with the


(arbitration committee). I am also a member of the "

Samenwerkende PDS-therapeuten

", a group of hypnotherapists specialised in the treatment of IBS. I am registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) with the registrationnumber 30259403.

Of course as a therapist I am responsible for the quality of my services. If you are unhappy with my treatment or you have a complaint, the first option to a solution is to come to me and discuss it. If we can't solve it together, or you have a reason not to discuss it with me first, you can use the following direct links to get in touch with the complaints department of the


. If that is not enough to solve your issue, you can be in touch with the arbitration committee through

Geschillencommissie Complementaire Gezondheidszorg.

Please note that they will only be able to work with your complaint after you have finished the process with the complaints department of the NBVH.
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On treatments in my practice the following terms and conditions apply.(this file is only available in Dutch. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to inform).