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Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!

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NLP and other modern hypnotherapy techniques

spiraalWithin hypnotherapy several different techniques are used. Several of them are descibed in these pages. This is not necessarily a complete list and often techniques are also combined.

NLP means

neuro-linguistic programming

. It is a collection of techniques that have to do, among other things, with the way in which you communicate. NLP originated in observing and analyzing techniques used by some very succesfull psychotherapists, one of which was Milton Erickson, who is seen as the founding father of modern hypnotherapy.

In a therapeutical setting, NLP techniques are mostly used to analyze someone's internal experiences. Different models have been developed for this. These models provide possibilities to enable change in someone's inner experience and through that change in someone's feelings, thoughts and behaviour. For instance, an inner conflict ("I do want to change this behaviour,but it seems as if something is stopping me from doing so") can be interpreted as different 'parts' inside a person. By negotiating between these parts, solutions can often be found.

NLP-techniques and comparable modern hypnotherapeutic approaches tend to be solution oriented and usually deal less with the background of the problem.
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