Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!
Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!

Praktijk voor hypnotherapie

Karen Kramer-Medema

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matrasWithin hypnotherapy several different techniques are used. Several of them are descibed in these pages. This is not necessarily a complete list and often techniques are also combined.

Many problems we cope with, we have been carrying with us for a long time. In a trance-state we can get in touch with the moment when these problems originated. This way you can come to an understanding of the cause of the problems. But just understanding usually is not enough. By reliving the experience in a trance, you can let go and create space for a new beginning. It is not just the intellectual knowing, but also an emotional, physical and energetical resolvement.


can deal with traumatical experiences from someone's childhood. Trauma might seem a big word. It doesn't always have to mean enormous problems, like abuse or neglect. Everyone has had experiences that can have a huge impact on you for the rest of your life.

Experiences surrounding your birth and also from before you were born, can also have a lot of impact on your life. It is possible that in a regression experiences will surface that are apparently not from this life. These might be experiences from a past life; in that case the therapy is called reincarnationtherapy. Whether reincarnation truly exists, I cannot prove. I do know however, that working with these experiences in reincarnationtherapy does have a healing effect. It is also possible to work with older experiences that have been inherited through your family.

Regressiontherapy can be used with many different problems. Usually it is used when someone has the feeling his or her problem is very old; or has always been part of his or her life.
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