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Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!

Praktijk voor hypnotherapie

Karen Kramer-Medema

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Physical complaints

Hypnotherapy is based on the assumption that mind and body are a single system. With your mind you can influence your body. This opens possibilities for the use of hypnotherapy in the relief of physical complaints. In these cases it is important that the client also seeks medical attention for their ailments. Hypnotherapy can be used complimentary to medical treatment.

Hypnotherapy can for instance give relief with many types of


. For

irritable bowel syndrome

the relief hypnotherapy can provide has been scientifically proven.

A very specific physiological phenomenon where hypnotherapy can be of use, is

pregnancy and childbirth

. Pregnant women can learn to relax and prepare themselves for a natural, pleasant birth. Hypnotherapy can also aid in the relief of pregnancy complaints like nausea.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to treat


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