Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!
Je onderbewuste geeft je het alternatief!

Praktijk voor hypnotherapie

Karen Kramer-Medema

Henriëttedreef 12

3561 JV Utrecht




Praktijk voor hypnotherapieTherapy always has something to do with changing. You might be encountering difficulties in your life and want to find another way to deal with things. Talking about it can help, but is not always enough. Often you stay stuck in your rational, conscious thinking. By using


I can guide you in finding your own new forms. By using hypnosis you won't just use your conscious and rational thinking, but your subconsciousness, feeling and intuition. Your subconscious mind is a source of new possibilities and can help you in your change process. In this way your own subconsciousness can provide you with the alternatives you have not been able to find with your conscious mind. That's why I state: Your subconsciousness provides you with the alternative!
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